Internship in Armenia FAQ’s

What is the Armenian Assembly’s Armenia Summer Intern Program?

The Armenia Internship Program was established in 1999 to provide an opportunity for Armenian Americans to visit their ancestral home land and at the same time volunteer at organizations helping local people. Participants intern at governmental ministries, media outlets, medical centers, and non-governmental organizations.

Who is eligible?

Undergraduate or graduate students of Armenian decent, who will have completed at least two years at a 4-year accredited university or college by the start of the program. Preference will be given to those students continuing their education the following school year.

Do applicants have to speak fluent Armenian?

No. Applicants with some Armenian language knowledge are preferred. However, participants are likely to work in offices where they speak English, depending on the placement.

How do I apply?

Apply Online! You can also contact an Assembly staff member by emailing,, or calling, (202) 393-3434, ext. 336.

When is the deadline for applying?

January 10

What are the costs associated with the program?

The Armenian Assembly does not charge a fee for participation in the Internship Program. However, there are several costs associated with the internship. The student is responsible for transportation to Yerevan, housing costs, visa fees, general grocery and spending money. The Armenian Assembly provides transportation, food and housing for pre-planned weekend excursions throughout the summer.

Are all majors eligible to apply?

All majors are encouraged to apply!

When am I notified if I am selected into the Internship Program?

Applicants will be notified if they have been selected by the middle of March.

If selected as a participant, am I guaranteed the internship of my choice?

The staff will do its best to place you in a suitable internship but we do not guarantee the internship of your choice.

How long does the internship last?

Eight (8) weeks

Can I find my own internship?

No. The Assembly staff arranges all internships in Armenia

Where do we live?

Students have 3 options for housing in Yerevan. 1. Students may stay with relatives or family friends living in Yerevan. 2. The Assembly can arrange for you to be housed in apartments shared with other Assembly interns. However, students are responsible for paying the housing fee. Last year the fee was $750 but is subject to market price hikes. 3. Students may apply to Birthright Armenia to receive a home stay placement. To find out more about the Birthright program and to see if you meet their eligibility requirements please visit their web site