Senator Chuck Schumer Co-Sponsors Senate Resolution Commemorating 102nd Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide


Senator Charles (Chuck) Schumer announced that he will co-sponsor bipartisan Senate
Resolution (S.Res.136)
which aims to remember and commemorate the 102nd
anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. The resolution, introduced by Senator
Robert Menendez, explicitly says that the President should work toward a
constructive Armenian-Turkish relationship that includes the full
acknowledgement by the Government of the Republic of Turkey of the facts about
the Armenian Genocide.

countries should recognize the horrific genocide that occurred 102 years ago to
the Armenian people,” said Senator Schumer. “It is my sacred duty to
speak out against the terrors of the past and against those who cannot speak of
it themselves and that’s why I am a proud co-sponsor of this Senate resolution.
I stand with the worldwide Armenian community in labeling the atrocities
against the Armenian people as genocide.”

The original bill can be seen here.

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