Armenian Assembly Terjenian-Thomas Internship Spotlights Emmy Award-Winning 2004 Alumna, Karina Nova


By Edward
, Armenian Assembly of America Intern

Assembly of America (Assembly) highlights its Terjenian-Thomas Internship
Program Alumnus Karina Nova, who received an Emmy in the “Breaking News” category
of the 2013 Emmy Awards for her excellent coverage of the Ohio Train Derailment
Explosion in 2012.

Having interned
with the Armenian Assembly in 2004, Ms. Nova split her time between work with
former Senator George Voinovich (R-OH) and CPSAN. The Assembly is proud of her accomplishments
and all that she has done in her pursuit of informing and serving her
community. The Assembly salutes her and her efforts, and encourages Armenian youth
to strive to illuminate and inspire the world around them, just as she has done
in her own community.

At work, Ms.
Nova has covered important events such as the Chardon High School shootings and
the Zanesville Animal Escape. She is known for her fantastic command of the Russian
language, as well as her tireless effort through volunteer work as a mentor for
Big Brothers Big Sisters. She serves as a board member of the charity called
Fairy Goodmothers, known for providing formal dresses and accessories to those
who lack the means to purchase these items for themselves and empowers girls to
attend their formal social events such as prom, while feeling confident and
special during these once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Ms. Nova is
also well-known as a graduate of the FBI Citizens Academy, which focuses its
curriculum on topics such as terrorism, cyber-crime, counterintelligence,
public corruption, major thefts/violent crimes, Field Intelligence Group, white
collar crime, InfraGard, and civil rights.

accomplishments truly set Ms. Nova aside from the rest, as a community leader
and a citizen, driven by duty to help others wherever someone is in need.

Photo Caption:
(Left) Armenian Assembly of America Terjenian-Thomas Internship class of 2004
with Karina Nova standing with Armenian Caucus Vice-Chair Representative Adam
Schiff (D-CA). (Right) Karina Nova with her father at the Emmy Awards.

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