Spain’s Alicante Officially Recognizes Armenian Genocide

On July 28, the City Council of Alicante, Spain approved the Institutional Declaration, presented by Guanyar Alcant, to officially recognize and publicly condemn the Armenian Genocide, according to Ayuntamiento de Alicante.  Alicante will commemorate the suffering of the Armenian people every April 24th beginning in 2017.

The overwhelming majority of the political parties who voted – PSOE, GUANYAR, and COMPROMIS parties – adopted the Institutional Declaration. The petition to recognize and condemn the Armenian Genocide was submitted by Alicante’s Armenia Association.

Alicante is the fifth city council in Spain to recognize the Armenian Genocide, following Burjassot, Xirivella, Manises (Valencia City), and Castellana.


Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

said representatives of all parties delivered speeches during debates in City Council, stressing the importance of the international recognition of the Armenian Genocide and its preventive significance. A representative of the COMPROMIS political party noted in his speech that it is utterly important not to forget the crime committed against the Armenians especially today, considering the massive violations of human rights and endangered lives of thousands of people in the places where the Armenian Genocide was perpetuated.

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