Smithsonian Guest Scholar from Armenia Dr. Marutyan Speaks with Armenian Assembly Interns

WASHINGTON, D.C. – On July 11, Dr. Harutyun
Marutyan visited the Armenian National Institute (ANI) and spoke with the Armenian
Assembly of America (Assembly) interns as well as ANI Director Dr. Rouben
Adalian. Dr. Marutyan was invited to Washington, D.C. as a guest of the
Smithsonian Institution to participate in their Folklife Festival, which is
held annually on the National Mall.

Dr. Marutyan
spoke to the interns about the transformation of Armenian national identity, the
survivors’ memory of the Armenian Genocide, modern national movements,
iconography, and traditional Armenian culture. He emphasized the importance of a
new ideology regarding the recognition of the Armenian Genocide. Most
importantly, he focused on the attitude of the younger generations and the
message for the future. He is the author of three monographs and more than a
hundred scholarly articles, as well as his book entitled Iconography of Armenian Identity: The Memory of Genocide and the
Karabagh Movement
, published in 2009. He is also the recipient of the
President of the Republic of Armenia Prize for his valuable contribution to the
recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

“As a former
intern with the Armenian National Institute, it was refreshing to hear about
Dr. Marutyan’s progressive approach towards international recognition of the
Armenian Genocide. After coming across many of his articles, it was truly an
honor to meet the author himself,” Assembly Intern Coordinator Mariam Khaloyan

Dr. Marutyan
is a leading research fellow at the Department of Contemporary Anthropological
Studies at the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography, National Academy of
Sciences of Armenia, a visiting professor of Anthropology at Yerevan State
University, and was previously a Diane and Howard Wohl Fellow at the United
States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM). For his Diane and Howard Wohl
Fellowship, Dr. Marutyan conducted research for his project “Memory Based on
Politics: Comparative Study of Jewish and Armenian Experience.” He is also an
IREX/RSEP (Michigan University, 1998), Fulbright (MIT, 2003-2004) and DAAD
(Berlin, 2013) alumnus.

Caption 1: Dr. Harutyun Marutyan speaking with the Armenian Assembly of America

Photo Caption 2: Dr. Harutyun Marutyan and Armenian National Institute Director Dr.
Rouben Adalian.

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