Pope Francis’ Trip to Armenia: ‘Visit to the First Christian Nation’

The motto and logo for His Holiness Pope Francis’ visit to the Republic of Armenia, between June 24-26, 2016, have been adopted with the corresponding description. The motto of the visit is: “Visit to the First Christian Nation.”

The logotype for the visit is in the form of a round seal. The logo depicts the Monastery of Khor Virap with the Biblical Mount Ararat at the background. Saint Gregory the Illuminator was imprisoned in a deep pit in Artashat for 14 years, where later the Monastery of Khor Virap was built. Saint Gregory the Illuminator subsequently became the first Patriarch of the Armenian nation. Through the joint efforts of Saint Gregory and King Tiridates III, Christianity was declared as a state religion in Armenia.

The background colors of the logo are purple and yellow denoting the colors of the official flags of the Armenian Apostolic Church and Roman Catholic Church respectively. The logo depicts also the Coats of Arms of the two Churches.

The surrounding engraving denotes the visit itself : “Pope Francis Armenia June 24-26, 2016” and the motto “Visit to the First Christian Nation.”

During his visit, Pope Francis will travel to

Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, 

Tsitsernakaberd (the Armenian Genocide Memorial Complex and Museum),

Khor Virap Monastery, and the city of Gyumri. 

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