Congressman Sherman Calls on President and Congress to Recognize Armenian Genocide


recognition of the anniversary of the Armenian genocide of 1915, Congressman
Brad Sherman (D-CA), a senior member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee,
has called yet again on the administration and Congress to properly recognize
this tragic event. 

“Beginning in 1915 the Ottoman
government began implementing its plans to expunge the Armenian people from its
territory—an event which meets all the definitions of the word
‘genocide.’  An estimated one and a half million people perished.

“I have repeatedly called on
the President and asked my colleagues in the House and Senate to formally
recognize the genocide – we cannot afford to wait.  I am disappointed that
neither the President nor Congress has given the Armenian Genocide appropriate

“Genocide denial is the last
act of a genocide and the first step in the next genocide.  It is our duty
to honor and dignify those who lost their lives, to pay respect to their living
relatives, and to ensure that these horrible events never happen again.”

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