Armenian Community of Sweden Looks Forward to Swedish Government’s Position on Armenian Genocide

(Armenpress) – The Armenian community in Sweden looks
forward to the Swedish government’s position on the Armenian Genocide in 2016.
Vahagn Avedian, Chairman of the Union of Armenian Associations in Sweden, shared
this positive outlook in an interview with Armenpress.
“In 2010, the Swedish Parliament recognized the Armenian Genocide and urged the
Government also to express its position. The former government did nothing in
that direction, but the current government said it will express its opinion
during a year. We are following this process and expecting that this year the
government will announce its position,” Avedian said. According to him, work
is being done on a regular basis in connection with the Armenian Genocide
issue, especially in 2015. Swedish media reported numerous articles and
published reports on the topic of the Armenian Genocide.

“We must actively work with the Swedish-Armenian
Parliamentary Group. Their activity, we can say, depends on our activity, and
we plan to work in this direction. I think that Artsakh issue must be put next
to the issue of the Armenian Genocide. In particular, we saw that PACE
discussed 2 anti-Armenian reports,” Avedian added.

Avedian mentioned that the concern of Syrian refugees is
also important for the community. Recently, a large number of Syrian Armenians
reached Sweden. “We try to help with various matters and the problems are varied:
material, educational, documentation issues, etc,” Avedian said, adding that Armenian unions are collaborating with work organizations in
Saturday or Sunday schools.

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