Conan O’Brien Filming in Armenia


October 12,

By Danielle Saroyan

Armenian Agenda Associate Editor

Today, Armenian
Assembly of America (Assembly) Regional Director Arpi Vartanian arrived at the
Armenia Marriott Hotel early Sunday morning, expecting to meet some friends. Unbeknownst
to her, she sees this very tall man, with a crazy, one-of-a-kind hairdo, and
thought to herself, “that looks like Conan O’Brien. Wait, why is he here?”
Vartanian approached O’Brien, and to her awe discovered that he is filming and
traveling around Armenia with his assistant Sona Movsesian.


O’Brien is a late night talk show host of Conan
on TBS and will be the first U.S. late-night talk show to be broadcast from
Armenia. Conan will air the Armenia
episode on Tuesday, November 10th
at 11:00 PM ET on TBS
, and will be available a day later digitally and on
mobile venues operated by the network and O’Brien’s Team Coco outlets. The
network is expecting a high number of viewership for this episode, considering an
average of around 1.81 million people watched an original broadcast and
rebroadcast of the Cuba special, “Conan in Cuba.”

He arrived
in Armenia on Sunday, October 11th and is filming an episode of Conan as part of a series of road-trip
specials. O’Brien is traveling alongside Movsesian, who is O’Brien’s longtime
assistant of Armenian descent. This is the first time either of them have ever
been to Armenia.

“I think it’s
every boss’s responsibility to take their assistant back to their ancestral
land,” O’Brien said in a statement to Variety. “That’s why I’m going to make sure my next assistant was
born in a five-star resort in Tuscany.”

The Conan team started exploring more of
Armenia’s cultural sites, as seen in his social media account’s posting in
front of the Temple of Garni wearing traditional Armenian garments next to
Movsesian. The picture caption reads, “Brought my assistant Sona home to
Armenia. It was this or give her a raise.”


O’Brien has
a history of referencing Movsesian and Armenians in past episodes, such as a
visit to Armenian-owned Hollywood pawnshop in Glendale in January 2014.


Photo Caption 1:  Conan O’Brien and his assistant Sona Movsesian standing in front of the Temple of Garni in Armenia.

Photo Caption 2: Conan O’Brien and Armenian Assembly Regional Director Arpi Vartanian at the Republic Square in Yerevan, Armenia.

Photo Caption 3: Conan O’Brien’s twitter post.

Photo Caption 4: Internationally-beloved late-night star flanked by Assembly Board Co-Chairman Anthony Barsamian (left), Assembly Regional Director Arpi Vartanian, and Assembly Board President Carolyn Mugar (right), and Armenia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Garen Nazarian on October 13, 2015, at Marriott Armenia Hotel.

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