Interns Meet with Assembly Board Member Aram Gavoor



By Karina Demirciyan

AAANews Blog

July 30,

Last week, the
Assembly interns had the opportunity to meet with Armenian Assembly of America
board member Aram Gavoor, himself an alumnus of the Terjenian-Thomas internship
(Class of 2003).  Gavoor completed his
undergraduate studies at the University of Michigan, went on to receive his
J.D. from The George Washington University, as well as an LL.M. from Georgetown
University. Mr. Gavoor provided much insight and guidance for our interns who
are interested in pursuing law in their career. Being one of the youngest
professors in the Washington D.C. area, Gavoor has achieved much in his life at
the young age of 34. Being a law professor at The George Washington University,
he is able to relate to this generation of bright students.  


Meeting with
Aram Gavoor at our dorms in Georgetown was a throwback for him to his
internship over a decade ago. Gavoor reflected on his experiences working at
the Armenian Embassy and then-Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT), always quipping how
fast time has gone by since his intern days. Mr. Gavoor left our interns with a
couple of thoughts as we approached the end of our summer: to enjoy the age we
are at now, and to go do the things we want to do, like traveling to far-away places,
all while enjoying the moment.

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